Friday, May 29, 2009

Nice To Meet You

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... (in the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Such a sunny day when I first entered the lecture hall (or likely said classroom before haha..), the disasterous howling wind catched my face and me only donning ordinary shirt with blue light jeans.

My first class ever at INTEC started on 26/05/09 (Tuesday). After having the Biochemistry, i went upstairs on 2nd floor and sat on my seat. I was grouped in MEG1 with my fellow lovely friends ahakz~

Actually we all waiting for our lecturer to come in; lecture in English For Pre-Medical Student (of course this is the name of the subject). With fully patience and kind hearted, at 10.10 a.m suddenly a young energetic lady wearing a black scarf stepped in our classroom. Tuck tuck tuck..(supposely her high heel)~

"Ok guys my name is Adilah Binti Abdul Rahman, you can call me Miss Dila".. And then a very loud hooray from the entire class seemed to hustle. "OK now i want you all to make a semi-circle around the desk, we gonna make an ICE-BREAKING,"she said.

We all introduced ourselves starting from our name, then our former school, then our B.O.P, then something that catched my mind is she asked for our BEST quality that exist within our soul. Hakz and I decided to yell like this, "I am actually can be very tolerate with someone even if the situation so chaostic, so if you dare try me."haha..

After that, we started our class. Miss Dila distributed our 'new' book entitled English For Health Science. Then our 1st lesson begun...

"cranium"..Miss Dila shouted.
"cranium"..The whole class followed (yeah i'm back to primary school)

"Ok Amir your turn, say it loudly,"she added.
"erm..pelvic girdle..hip bone"

I learned a very tremendous and notorious new vocabulary today, the word 'shin' which means tulang kering. (supposely calf;betis is at the back,meanwhile this shin is at the front of it)
You all know this isn't it??aishh clever people rite??huhu..

Then we were explained on how to make assignment.
Oh My Gosh we got 2 and almost 3 assignment to be settle down.


"Please pass up on this Monday, complete with presentation wokeyh."
"Ok Miss Dila!!"we replied with full of passion.

12.10 p.m. >>
Time almost run out, we were very keen and eager for the NEXT class!!

HoOrAy..!!TQ Miss Dila..
Nice To Meet Ya..