Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unit One

Ana awiz burtuqal ( I want some orange, please )

>>8 June 2009; Monday<<

Today the class progress is like usual. We wait for Miss Dila and by the time she is coming, we already open our book and ready for the tutor. Meanwhile our class representative is busy setting up the LCD.

But today is slightly different from the previous class as today we the MEG1 group for the first time will use our textbook entitle 'English For Health Science'.

"Study the unit 1 first for 10 minutes then we will discuss."Miss Dila instructed.

I read through the content and reveal that actually we are learning new skill of communication in medical field. Of course as a doctor. I learn how to make diagnosis, how to take the medical history as well as the topics that might be suitable for making 'small talk'. (The talk which has no relation in any of the patient's illness). Like "How about your vacation Mr. Bobo?" or "Do you still playing basketball, didn't you?"

Then we were asked in pairs to play-in role of taking medical history of given cases; one will act as a doctor and the other as a patient.

All of us experience it very much. We are actually being exposed on how a doctor actually work on his patient. It is something like interview or dialogue but with more specific manners.

After done the 'acting' session, we write and answer the questions in the book. I learned many of new terminology like Tachycardia, Exophthalmus and Nystagmus.

We done our class today. I hope we can learn more in future..~

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aeisyulillah said...

haha, great... being a doc is not ez meh..

u need to crack ur brain, and at the same tym, manage ur heart and sweeten ur tounge..

haha... so many attributes to be honed..