Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Judgement Day

Hetruh feen? geet maa'yan walla eeh?
( Where are you going? Are you coming with me? )

>>2 June 2009; Tuesday<<

I was sitting at my place just relaxing and doing nothing in particular. I peeked out of the window and saw there were some white clouds blocking the blue sky. There was no hint of rain. It was just a pleasant warm morning, very normal.

Then I heard a distant rumble of thunder. It was so faint that I thought I might have imagined it. Gradually the rumbling became more distinct. The rumbling grew louder and louder. In a few minutes I could feel cool wind blowing of course from the air-conditioner!

Now is the time!
We were ready for the next battle!

"Good morning class, so how do you do?"asked Miss Dila.

"Fine Alhamdulillah Miss,"we answered.

Me and Muhammad Zaharudin were so eager to present ours. Yesterday had left us. Today is the day. We wore exactly look-like yellow shirt to show we as a team. We showed our identity. We showed ourselves. We showed what was meant by unity! ( Perhaps it got some bonus mark for uniform appearance ah?? )

"Zaharudin, I think it's better if we present 1st, for sure our friends cannot wait what are we gonna tell them later on,"I whispered to Zaharudin.

"Yeah let's move on,"he replied with full of courage.

Then we started our presentation entitled;
"Indonesian Traditional Medicine & The Responsibilities of A Doctor."

I started it with the 1st slide, at the beginning we told them briefly about Indonesia and the surrounding archipelago. We can see the face of excitement and enthusiasm. Miss Dila seemed to enjoy it very much!

"Argh..Why the song cannot be hear?Is it something wrong with the speakers??"I murmered alone.

Supposedly 'Inconsolable by Backstreet Boys' will be our background music. Hmm maybe next time~

Then we continued our duty. We told class about Dukun, Jamu, Exorcism, Offering, the Black Magic, Divination and Soothsaying, Charms and Blessing, Herbs and so on. We explained it in our own words instead of reading it one by one from the slide. Miss Dila had warned all of us before. She do not want plagiarism to be practise here at INTEC.

After we reached the conclusion, there are Q&A session. It tooks about 5 minutes. Then the class continued with the next three group presenting their ideas.

60 minutes later..

"Ok you guys doing well today, but I wonder how am I suppose to distribute the marks because as you all know the passing marks is 80. It totally depends solemnly on your own presentation!"she explained.

The class started to buzz here and there for a while. Everybody was mumbling to each other talking about our achievement so far. We actually worried, but I know all of us had tried our best. The time was running by before we realized.

"Ok thank you class,"she said.

"Thank you Miss. See ya,"we replied.

The class dismiss...

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aeisyulillah said...

gud story..

but as a matter of fact, watch ur tenses and passive forms...

aiyo, nex tym, re-read meh..