Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Presentation Time

Ismek eh?ente minen? ( What's your name? Where you come from? )

>>1st June 2009; Monday<<

As usual the MEG1 students will have their English Class tutored by Miss Dila today. Of course we are so passionate and very happy to learn something new or perhaps some new exposure or knowledge.


But today I feel like something..

My head is spinning..

My heart is dupping..

My vision seems to blur out of range..

My adrenaline flow extremely rush and fast..

And overwhelmed the entire body..

I sit on my chair and take a deep breath. Ahaa and now I know why..

Today is actually our first group presentation; Our 1st assignment; Our 1st task!!

Frankly I have no problem at all. We supposedly had been trained in our former school to face the audience confidently before we went to this lovely INTEC. It just only the matter of training and practise. Right??

Me and Muhammad Zaharudin (Ca'a) are grouped together. I bring along my superb speaker with the sub-woofer. But this is not the rock show ok!! We gonna present via powerpoint slideshow maximum of 10 minutes per group. I repeat 10 minutes ONLY ok!

"Ok 1st group, who want to volunteer", shouted Miss Dila sitting at behind of the class.

The class ZzzZzzZ..

Everybody keep silent. Ahakz~

Then suddenly...

A couple of heroes jump out..

Of course that is not my group. Suaidi, Faris and Hafiz take the action of presentation. They choose Chinese culture and the belief. Such a remarkable way of presentation. All of us enjoy and take benefits from it.

Then after one group to the next. There are group presenting culture and belief from India, Greece, Egypt, Japan and any other country. We are so passionate and the class is like full of emoticon of enthusiasm. Though it is our 1st presentation ever at INTEC, I think all of us can cope and handle with the situation given. We just need to relax and focus more on the priority rather than unnecessary matter.


Then where is my group??Are there missing in action??

"Ok guys times up, which group does not make their presentation yet will present it tomorrow but with additional 0f 10 more minutes,"explained Miss Dila.

"Or you guys still want 10 minutes of presentation but pass up along with the paper work,"she added.


The class dismiss..

p/s: Actually today Mr. Zaharudin went to make his medical check-up. So we posponed our presentation to the next class.

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aeisyulillah said...

presentation? ez meh..


all the exaggerated responds seemed to fit in..

hehe.. gud work minus ur grammatical errors..